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Toxins Threaten The Health And Safety Of Your Home And Family

How Safe Is Your Family From Toxins?

Cancer and other life threatening diseases are escalating fast and are direct reflection of our environment.

With over 100,000 potentially dangerous chemicals in our every day lives, keeping our families healthy and our home environment safe seems impossible. UNTIL NOW...

I created a simple step-by-step guide for protecting your family. Learn About:

  • The most toxic foods you eat everyday
  • The hidden chemicals banned globally but are still in your food
  • How your kitchen appliances can make you sick
  • The worst skin care and make-up brands on the market
  • Simple recipes for making your own non-toxic cleaning products

Meet Dr. Wendie Trubow

As a physician, author, mentor, parent and functional medicine authority, Dr. Wendie Trubow, MD, MBA, speaks throughout the nation on topics relating to health, wellness, and true vitality. Never afraid to say it like it is, Dr. Trubow delivers her depth of knowledge in a relatable manner that has her audience laughing, crying, and ultimately…finding inspiration. 

As Dr. Trubow says, “There are so many different challenges in a woman’s life – work, home, relationships, spirituality, health – and they all matter! But whether you’re 19 or 99, you are meant to be vibrant, healthy, and alive.”

It is because of her challenging but rewarding journey to wellness that she has become such a champion of functional medicine and a fierce advocate for the health of her patients and all those her story touches.

No matter your current state of health, Dr. Wendie Trubow is sure to inspire you to create your best life now. 

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