Identify And Safely Remove The Toxins Responsible For Why You Feel Sick & Tired All The Time.

In This Free Masterclass You'll Discover:

  • How toxins are lurking beneath all major causes of disease and death in the US... including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disease, cancer and more.

  • Signs and symptoms that you are struggling with toxin overload and why modern medicine misses this critical root cause of illness.

  • How Dr. Wendie's agonizing battle with toxins uncovered the breakthrough method for restoring health through clinical detoxification.

  • The easy, clinically-proven method for safely and effectively removing toxins from your body.

September 20, Wednesday, 7 pm EST

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What Else You’ll Discover When You Attend The LIVE Masterclass 

With Dr. Wendie Trubow

  • How detoxification without expert guidance can result in worsening symptoms and disease.

  • The #1 easiest way to think of toxins so you can keep them out of your life which means less toxins in your body, on your skin, and out of your airways!

  • Miraculous transformations with patients we've worked with & how testing saved them from falling victim to an early death from an unsuspected toxic overload

  • Why no matter how clean you think you are… In 2023 we are all drowning in a toxic waterfall

  • 4 toxic “no-nos” (hint: Most of Americans do one or more of these inside their home everyday!)

  • How 1 fun “hair activity” loved by teenagers can actually be lethal!

  • The “4 pillars” of environmental toxins so you can locate hidden dangers in your food, water, and home products & avoid toxins like microplastics, phthalates, heavy metals, and more on auto-pilot!




September 20, Wednesday, 7 pm EST

Meet Dr. Wendie Trubow

As a physician, author, mentor, parent and functional medicine authority, Dr. Wendie Trubow, MD, MBA, speaks throughout the nation on topics relating to health, wellness, and true vitality. Never afraid to say it like it is, Dr. Trubow delivers her depth of knowledge in a relatable manner that has her audience laughing, crying, and ultimately…finding inspiration. 

As Dr. Trubow says, “There are so many different challenges in a woman’s life – work, home, relationships, spirituality, health – and they all matter! But whether you’re 19 or 99, you are meant to be vibrant, healthy, and alive.”

It is because of her challenging but rewarding journey to wellness that she has become such a champion of functional medicine and a fierce advocate for the health of her patients and all those her story touches.

No matter your current state of health, Dr. Wendie Trubow is sure to inspire you to create your best life now. 

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